• EFS Technology Enrichment 


    Parents Guide to Google Classroom Slide Show- This guide is a helpful tool for parents in grades 3-6 as you assist your child with Google Classroom

    Youtube Tutorial/ Parents Guide to Google Classroom


    Learning Links 


     Please click on the link below to view media & technology recommendations from Common Sense Media. These recommendations and resources help to engage students while learning. Please consider these links as additional activities to supplement home instruction.

     Common Sense Media literature and activities amid the Coronavirus 



    While in school, all EFS students receive technology enrichment once a week.  To create their tech projects, the students use various programs with tools such as laptops, iPads, Apple pencils, and 3D printers.  To meet the current Technology Standards, various skills are taught at each of the grade levels.


    Kindergarten students work on basic computer skills while incorporating their everyday curriculum of reading and writing.


    First-grade through sixth-grade work on interdisciplinary projects related to their core subject areas.  These projects have been created in conjunction with the classroom teachers and once completed, are shared with the rest of the school community.  Some of the projects include creating movies, slideshow presentations, websites, and 3D printed objects.


    In addition to tech projects, Essex Fells School has put an emphasis on typing skills.   In grades 2-6  the students use various keyboarding programs and in grades K & 1 they are working on fun websites that allow the students to become familiar with key placement on the keyboard.