At Essex Fells School student achievement is a priority.  Therefore, when students are in need of academic support our school provides them with a comprehensive program to target basic skills. Basic Skills Instruction (BSI) was designed to remediate skill deficits in reading, decoding, reading comprehension, written language and mathematics.

    Design of Program

    Basic Skills Instruction is a K-6 regular education supplemental instructional program.  Students will receive instruction in a small group setting with targeted instruction for the duration of one marking period.  On going assessments and teacher collaboration will determine whether an additional marking period of instruction is necessary.  Dismissal from the program will commence after the second session of instruction, as BSI services may not exceed more than two marking periods.

    Program Components

                            Primary Program

                            Reading Comprehension

                            Vocabulary Development

                            Phonemic Awareness

                            Reading Fluency

                            Mathematic Computation and Application

                            Number Sense

                            Writing Process


                            Persuasive/Argument Task

                            Speculative Task

                            Working with Text

                            Analyzing Text

                            Number & Numerical Operations

                            Geometry & Measurement

                            Patterns & Algebra

                            Data Analysis, Probability & Discrete Math

                            Problem Solving

    Eligibility for Program

    All students in kindergarten through sixth grade are monitored and assessed on a regular basis by the classroom teachers.  In the event a student demonstrates areas of weakness and/or low testing outcomes, the teacher will seek further recommendations from the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team.  An I&RS referral packet will be completed.  This packet includes input from the parents, teachers, and the student to provide a comprehensive view of the child.  Discussion and planning will convene to determine whether BSI will be beneficial and to develop an appropriate support program: primary grade BSI or NJASK targeted area instruction. Finally, at the I&RS meeting parents will be asked for their input and consent.

    Parent Communication and Progress Monitoring

    Parents can decline the recommendation for BSI services by signing the appropriate forms. Entrance and exit letters will be sent home for parent consent to participate and notification of dismissal.  Student progress will be communicated through parent-teacher conferences, report card comments, and/or phone conferences. BSI services will be documented on the student’s I &RS plan and will be modified as needed. Exit or possible re-entry into BSI are tracked by the I&RS committee. Consideration for re-entry into BSI will begin after the current classroom teacher completes an updated referral packet.