• Students are only responsible to complete 1 of the following lessons per week.  You will choose from the options below that are broken down by specific grade level.  If you want to complete more than one assignment per week you may do so, but please know that you are only responsible for one per week.  Take your time and complete them by the end of the week.    



    June 15th- June 19th 

    Preschool -6th Grade 

    This last assignment you do not need to email to me. If you would like to share your creations with me this week feel free to do so.  I always love seeing what you are working on:)

    Option 1- Chalk Design

    Congratulations!!  You made it to the last week of remote learning:)  In the spirit of the summer just around the corner, this week's project gets you back outside and creating art for everyone to see.  Find some chalk and draw a picture.  Try to make yourselves part of the pictures you create.  Making art for the process and not for the end result is the best way to produce something you can be proud of.  Get outside, relax and enjoy!! 


    Option 2- How-To Drawings

    Easy How-to-Drawings





    Medium How-to-Drawings





    Hard How-to Drawings






    Option 3- Free Choice-

    Artwork can be found in many forms.  It could be done on paper, built out of found objects, done through a photograph, drawn, painted, sculpted, created on a cake, drawn in sidewalk chalk, made out of playdough, created with nature, the options are endless.  My main objective is to get students to think outside-of-the-box. Creativity is a way to express yourself and relieve stress. If you would like to create your own art, simply take a picture of the completed work and email it to me for credit (kmcnish@efsk-6.org) .  Stay creative and keep having fun. 😀 



    Here are some additional art activities that can be completed if time permits.

    Coloring Pages


    Here is a link for live lunchtime doodling.  Check it out and have fun:

    Here is a great YouTube art class link that you may enjoy:

    I will be available for questions via email (kmcnish@efsk-6.org) between the hours of 9am-1pm.  This work should be done to the best of your ability, however; I understand that there can be limited rrecoursesto achieve what would be done in the classroom.  Just do the best that you can and have fun with the assignments.