• 2nd Grade STEAM

    Welcome to STEAM!!



     The students are learning about what a community helper is in social studies class.  This STEAM lesson discussed what types of community helpers there are is the town of Essex Fells and how to visually portray them.  The 2nd graders were put into groups and created a large map of the Essex Fells community. They each made a building, car or person to represent their helper.


  • Scarecrows

    The students are learning how to write in a more descriptive way in Language Arts class.  This STEAM lesson showed the students how important it is to understand all the details of an object.  They were asked to describe how an object looks, feels and sounds when it is touched. Different materials were used to create not only a visually pleasing piece, but also one that can also be described through the sense of touch and sound.  

  • The students are learning about place value in Math class.  For this STEAM lesson the students were given flats, rods and cubes to create pictures that represent a specific number.  They were instructed to select a number having three place values (ie: 376) and create a picture that will easily explain what number they want to represent.  Take a look at the result.