• 2nd Grade STEAM

    Welcome to STEAM!!


  • Volcanoes

    2nd Grade explored the science behind the formation of volcanoes.  In STEAM they were tasked with the challenge of building paper mache volcanoes and making them erupt.  Take a look at the results.

  • Wampanoag Huts

    The 2nd graders were learning about different Native American cultures in social studies class.  This weeks STEAM lesson used the student’s knowledge about the Wampanoag homes to engineer scaled down huts.  Take a look at the results.

  • Vision Boards

    2nd Grade began their STEAM journey this year exploring what they would like to discover in second grade.  They were photographed in their new flexible seating options that were introduced to help foster their learning. Take a look at the vision boards that they created.

  • Place Value 

    The students are learning about place value in Math class.  For this STEAM lesson the students were given flats, rods and cubes to create pictures that represent a specific number.  They were instructed to select a number having three place values (ie: 376) and create a picture that will easily explain what number they want to represent.  Take a look at the result.