• 1st Grade STEAM

    Welcome to STEAM!!



    Self-Portrait as a Scientist

    The students are are learning about what it is like to be a scientist in science class.  This STEAM lesson discussed what a scientist looked like to properly do their jobs.  The 1st graders then created themselves as scientists incorporating a lab coat, gloves and goggles as well as proper footwear and hair safety.  It was also discussed what equipment would be found in a laboratory for scientist to perform their experiments.  These items were drawn and incorporated into the student's self-portraits.

    Take a look at their creations.     


  • Day & Night Sky


    The students are learning about the differences between the day and night sky in science class.  This STEAM lesson discussed what can be seen during the daytime and what could be scene during the nighttime.  The students were asked to choose what items they wanted to use to represent their day and night skies and create them in a 3-dimensional work of art.  Take a look at what was created.


  • The 1st grade was instructed to engineer igloos in STEAM class.

  • 1st grade is learning about how sound travels in STEAM class.