Kindergarten STEAM

    Welcome to STEAM!!


  • Hibernation

    In science class Kindergarten is learning about hibernation.  This week's STEAM lesson helped the students explore different types of animals and how they hibernate.  Check out their artwork.

  • Groundhog Challenge

    We presented the students with a challenge in STEAM to celebrate Groundhog’s Day.  The students were given specific materials and were asked to engineer a burrow for their groundhog. Each group came up with their own unique design.

  • Weather Windows

    The students are learning about different types of weather in science class.  This STEAM lesson helps show the students how to visually represent the changes in weather that they can see out of their windows.  Different weather types such as sun, partly sunny, rain, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, blizzard, windy, and cloudy days were discussed. Creating these snapshots as a window pain helped teach the students to explore what each weather pattern means.

  • Apple Challenge

    Kindergarten was learning about the season of fall and how the apples grow.  We challenged the students to build an apple tower as tall as they could without holding it.  Take a look at the results.

  • Kindergarten STEAM Hurricanes


    The students are learning about different weather patterns in science class.  This STEAM lesson helped the students explore what it feels like to create a hurricane.  The students were instructed to use their hands to create the wind patterns that are common in a hurricane as well as the precipitation that occurs.  The students also selected colors that they felt best represented their hurricane.