• Kindergarten STEAM

    Welcome to STEAM!!



  • Leprechaun Slime

    In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the students made gold flecked slime.  They were taught how materials in one state of matter can change when combined with another material creating a totally different substance.  Check out the results.

  • Measurement

    Kindergarten is learning about measurement in math class.  This STEAM lesson taught the students that there is more than one way to measure something.  We measured objects using paper clips as well as math cubes. Each student worked with a friend to see how many markers tall they were.  Take a look at the results.

  • During this kindergarten STEAM class the students were instructed to take a piece of paper and make the longest chain they could.  Take a look at the results.

  • Kindergarten is studying hibernation in science class.  This STEAM lesson focused on what types of animals hibernate and what they need to do to stay safe all winter.  Take a look at the results.

  • Rainbows

    The Kindergarten students are beginning to learn about the basics of light and color.  This STEAM lesson taught the students how color is formed in a rainbow through sunlight and water.  They made mobiles to show the elements involved in the creation of a rainbow. Take a look at their work.