• Technology Online Activities-


    Parent Guide to Google Classroom- Please utilize this Google Classroom link to assist in navigating your students in grades 3-6 with Google Classroom


    I encourage parents and students to visit the Learning Links page on the HomePage under Site Shortcuts.  This is a fluid list of educational links to assist with online activities.  


    Below is a list of some programs we use at school and the steps for logging in.  


    PreK-Kindergarten Programs and login information

    Starfall- www.starfall.com (anything on this site is appropriate)

    IXL-www.starfall.com practice of letter recognition and consonant sounds

    Wixie- Students can log in with their school Google accounts.


    First-Sixth Grade Programs and login information

    Students have been assigned Gmail accounts to easily log in to school purchased programs and teacher Google Classrooms.  The programs specifically purchased for each grade level will be assigned by the teacher to the student when appropriate.  


    Below are a few suggestions for technology activities that can be worked on independently.


    Students work on Code.org to practice coding skills.  code.org or studio.code.org/courses allows the children to create their own courses for free.  Students do not need to know their school login, simply have them create a new account to practice coding skills.  This is broken down into grade levels beginning with PreK all the way to 12th grade.  For primary grades, they will need to use a parent email when creating an account. For children in grades 3 and up they can use their school email.  There are hours of coding projects to choose from.  

    Wixie.com- The login for students is their school email address.

    Typing skills and simple letter recognition can be practiced using the typing programs listed under the keyboarding sites.  Even for Kindergarten students, simple keyboard games can be located on this list.


    Minecraft Tweeted their newest challenge below.  If you love Minecraft, consider trying this challenge of building a better world! 

    The 2020 #MinecraftChallenge invites your students to build a better world! Choose a prompt associated with sustainability or inclusion, then imagine solutions to the world's problems using #MinecraftEdu. Get started with your class or your family today: https://msft.it/6017TdQkV


    Students who like Minecraft try coding with Minecraft.

    They have tweeted the information below...

    Minecraft: Education Edition

    Since we're offering an extension of our trial experience, you shouldn't need support from your school. You can start the process here: https://msft.it/6015TjhwS