• 6th Grade STEAM

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    Pantoum Poetry

    The students are learning about how to write a Pantoum in Language Arts class.  Each student was required to write a poem in a Pantoum style that describes a haunted house.  This STEAM lesson helped the students develop the visual representation of the haunted house to make it easier for them to create a visually descriptive poem.  We also discussed with the students the meaning of the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This encouraged them to make creative art and poetry that will only help enhance their future work.

    Take a look at the results.  


  • Ratios


    The students are learning about what a ratio is in Math class.   This STEAM lesson had the students create their own colors using ratios.  They were given paint droppers to help assist them in measuring out the paint properly.  Each student had to create and name their specific color that they created. For example, they mixed (2) drops of red paint with (4) drops of white paint and (3) drops of yellow paint.  Their ratio is 2:4:3 with 9 overall parts that created the color Summer Tangerine. These newly invented colors were then used to paint an abstract piece showing the specific parts of their ratios.

  • Lunar and Solar Eclipses